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Gruppenausstellung in Barcelona

Von 25. November 2014Keine Kommentare


The Gallery Art Nou Mil.lenni is pleased to present a group exhibition where you will find different artistic projects from the European Art Fairs where we have been participating in.

“My White Sheets“ emerge in a long and intense work process with a pointed wooden shaping tool, a technique I developed 14 years ago. By means of rubbing and pressing with this tool the paper bulges out, becomes three-dimensional and takes on a corporeal quality with different kinds of structures.

„Facing the blue Mediterranean bathed in light, the Long Beach with the golden sand curve, Avel comes to painting, his passion and reason of his life, captive of his sense of beauty.“

“I explore meaning through abstraction. My inspirations come from nature and light, using both intuition and geometry to convey spiritual vibrations, and the golden ratio to create harmony. I often use fragments of text, to give texture and infuse their meaning, although they are not meant to be read. The partially erased textures and translucency reinforce our impression of time passing and impermanence.”

„My sculptures of refractory ceramic glazes and finishes with ash and iron oxides. In them I put the sentiment of the time when making-of, like the mother and father also investigating the behaviour of different materials.“

“Human beings are complex, homogeneous in appearance but have many different faces. This is what makes each of us sometimes distinct, sometimes blurred but still totally unique. Mathias Duhamel starts most of his works without sketches and lets the subject emerge from the canvas, much like the dreams do from the field of sleep”

„Finding her own style Odile’s commitment to simplicity of pencil and paper, without additives. Representing various elements of pop culture and everyday life in hyper-realistic key.“

„My artwork is a visual expression and celebration of life in different cultures around the world and I have worked in association with Amnesty International as a painter for human rights. Music is also inspiration my artwork, with fluid rhythmic lines and carefully chosen colour I develop my ideas and sketches into limited edition aquatints and linocuts.“

„Everything that is Timeless, yet created out of the present time – tells of life cycles. My work is influenced by my travels and Auffentalten in diverse cultures. I understand what is hidden behind it-that’s my language… The soul, the heart sees, feels, if it is addressed. So art acts as food and need to Man.“

„Rolf Kuhlmann creates paintings reminiscent in terms of the style of the old masters of the Baroque. His images are not classical in the sense of pure, are reconstructions of historical models, but adapted to the new compositions.“

„I want to bring out the essence of the people and bring its timeless myth in the context of today’s world. For it is only through reflection can grow and learn to understand where you are on your way through the different stages of life itself and the world. Association with known price to bridge the gap between interior and exterior, as well as past and present; also connect individual legend with the social and cultural history“.

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